A Sick Logic

A Sick Logic is a collaborative project with Glen Stoker exploring elements of contemporary existence and alternative living strategies. Questioning the current socio-political and ecological systems of governance, A Sick Logic explores living processes as a practical political response.

There Are No Firm Rules, Postcard Print

Hip 2015

Through public facing working methods, we aim to explore survival techniques in the context of the ongoing UK housing crisis and a perceived over-reliance on technology. An initial period of research to enhance our working knowledge consisted of a series of field trips; training in shelter-building and bushcraft, fire-making, plant identification, permaculture and tool-making.

Platform Residency at Site Gallery, Sheffield

For their summer Platform residency, artists Anna Chrystal Stephens and Glen Stoker will use field research and practical experimentation to explore the fundamentals of life: food, shelter, community and a reconnection with the land. Presenting their collection of DIY manuals, craft and survival books, the gallery will become part library, part out-door training centre and part studio. Offering a range of walks, talks and hands on workshops, alongside making their own prints, photography, sculpture and installation, they will open up new possibilities around how we structure every day life.

A Pub-Style Quiz,
August 2016

This pub-style quiz marks the end of the Platform Residency: There Are No Firm Rules. The quiz will take place within the two project installations in the gallery. The questions will be drawn from facts and trivia relating to and emerging from the residency.