Greenhouse Raft 2019
A towable floating structure: Additional space to grow food and medicinal plants. Made after trying to grow on a narrowboat in very limited space. Squashes, tomatoes, edible flowers, leaves and herbs were grown but more would be possible with a structure like this. Pride at the grown veg in the chaos of difficult times. As the plants grew I felt satisfaction having made something against the odds. Later I made replicas of the harvest with clay, paper and photographs of the actual produce.

Marine canvas, awning fabric, storage barrels, wood scraps, metal poles (various), clothes rail, zips, seat belt, pots, bottles, bamboo, herbs, beetroot, paracord, string, bag-for-life, fermenting bananas, glass jar, pegs, trowel, air-dry clay, paper, wire, wool, hose, hooks, crate, jug, fold-out chair, ratchet straps, gardening materials, tape, photographic prints (cut and sculpted), squash.

Mixed media installation including; mural print;improvised sink (paracord, wood, bowl and tea towel); camping chair, paracord wrapped eucalyptus and mesolithic reference tools (flint, iron, bone needle, chalcedony, nettle cord, flax fibre, Horse Hoof fungus, King Alfred's Cake fungus, birch bark, honeysuckle, beeswax, char cloth, hessian, muslin, wool and leather)

Utility Cloak, 2019
Repurposed tents, found and handmade camping materials and tools

Workshop with University of Gloucestershire students at Hardwick Gallery

>Anorak at Hardwick Gallery