Greenhouse Raft 2019
Marine canvas, awning fabric, storage barrels, wood scraps, metal poles (various), clothes rail, zips, seat belt, pots, bottles, bamboo, herbs, beetroot, paracord, string, bag-for-life, fermenting bananas, glass jar, pegs, trowel, air-dry clay, paper, wire, wool, hose, hooks, crate, jug, fold-out chair, ratchet straps, gardening materials, tape, photographic prints (cut and sculpted), squash.

Photographed in Anorak (2) at Hardwick Gallery, Cheltenham (above) and in Precarious Straits at TOMA + The Old Waterworks, Southend (below).Photo credit: Tessa Hallmann

Inspired by resourcefulness seen on the British waterways, retro tent design and greenhouses, the towable floating structure provides the narrowboater with additional space to grow food and medicinal plants. This was made as a retrospective wish after trying to grow food on a canal boat with limited space. The miniature vegetables which grew caused immense satisfaction, which led to a therapeutic re-making of them as crafted ornaments. The plant sculptures are made with cut-out photographic images of plants I have grown and recycled materials.

>>> Greenhouse Raft in Precarious Straits at The Old Waterworks + TOMA Project Space