Mallow, 2021, Installed at Forum Box, Helsinki

Repurposed tents, outdoor wear, paracord, shower curtain, bedding, muslin hand dyed with hibiscus, coloured thread, decommissioned parachute, head rest, ash and eucalyptus wood, photographs of edible wild plants printed on paper and fabric.

An article about the Companions exhibition can be found >>> here.

Installed at Sometimes Biting, Sometimes Bit, Urban Room, Folkstone Fringe

A tentlike form, a shelter-garment made using reclaimed fabrics which once assisted survival and access to nature. A daydream of mallow flowers, crawling up inside a wild edible, medicinal plant for comfort and protection. A desire for wild spaces facilitated by camping materials and domestic gestures.

Art and The Environment Activity Pack produced for Focal Point Gallery:

Exerpt from an education pack commissioned by Focal Point to accompany the exhibition ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ (12 September 2021 to 9 January 2022)
The FPG Learning Team bought together three artists and community organisers to create art activities for all ages, centred around the use of natural and repurposed materials.
>>> Art and The Environment Activity Pack

Install images: Anna Autio and Folkestone Fringe/Joe Hill