Stern Hood, 2019
Acrylic canvas, steel, photographic prints on cotton and linen, paracord stool, outdoor and domestic accessories

Utility Cloak, 2019
Repurposed tents, found and handmade camping materials and tools

Mixed media installation including; mural print;improvised sink (paracord, wood, bowl and tea towel); Deborah's camping chair, paracord wrapped eucalyptus and mesolithic reference tools (flint, iron, bone needle, chalcedony, nettle cord, flax fibre, Horse Hoof fungus, King Alfred's Cake fungus, birch bark, honeysuckle, beeswax, char cloth, hessian, muslin, wool and leather)

Off Grid Weather Protectors, 2019
Framed giclee print

Learn to Tie Knots, 2019
4 Ply panels, rope, instructions for tieing Reef, Bowline, Double Overhand Stopper, Slip

Commissioned by SPACE, London

Install images: Tim Bowditch